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National Research, LLC


is a well-established data collection firm with extensive experience in sampling, telephone interviewing, and data tabulation for a variety of business and public affairs clients. Located in the Washington, DC area since 1978, we at National Research have distinguished ourselves by providing the research community with high quality, on-time data.

Experience, attention to detail, and responsive management are the keys to National Research's quality interviewing and research activities.

We offer your company experience

At National Research, our greatest strength is the quality of our staff, as key personnel average ten or more years with the company. Our highly trained interviewers are mature and experienced professionals who have made a career commitment to our company.

Our experience and knowledge covers all aspects of survey research, not just data collection. This broad base of experience enables us to support our clients at every stage of the research process.

By conducting a variety of studies with different audiences, we have honed our skills in dealing with hard to reach populations, which include business executives and professionals, and affluent households.

We pay attention to detail

Our professional staff at National Research set rigorous standards for adherence to sound research practices. Careful sample management is critical to a successful project, especially when the study targets a small population.

Each interviewer is carefully screened before being hired and then completes a thorough training program. A wide range of topics is covered, emphasizing the requirements for neutrality and adherence to the questionnaire, as well as ways to gain respondent cooperation.

During each research shift, we monitor interviews in progress, identifying problems on the spot and immediately working with the interviewers to make improvements in their technique and delivery.

We are reponsive to your needs

We focus on giving each client and each study our careful attention. As a matter of fact, one of our core competencies is the handling of multiple projects with varying schedules. Our smaller size allows National Research to react quickly to changes in clients' requirements. We also work hard to maintain flexibility in scheduling and to set realistic deadlines, while understanding the need for timely information.

We work harder, so you won't have to

We also lighten the load that clients must carry in managing projects by taking on greater responsibility for their day-to-day management. We keep clients informed about project issues and we update them regularly on the status of interviewing, helping them to cope with unanticipated incidence rates, restructured deadlines, and related cost changes.